EULYNX is an European initiative by several Infrastructure Managers to standardise parts of the signalling systems. The current phase is project preparation. The project has started on 19 February 2014, with a three year lifespan for this stage. In december 2017, after three years the project organization will evolve into a standing organization for standardization of interfaces.

Please feel free to use the contact form in order to contact the project.

A short description can be found here:   Project Description (65.48 kB)

The following Infrastructure Managers have signed the Memorandum of Understanding:

Bane NOR, CFL, DB Netze, Infrabel, Liikennevirasto (Finnish Transport Agency), Network Rail, Prorail, RFI, SBB CFF FFS, SNCF, SŽ - Infrastruktura, d.o.o.  and Trafikverket.

The clusters have been set up as well as the support organisation and the Change Control board.