Ljubljana, 17 May 2017
During a meeting week in Ljubljana, hosted by SŽ-Infrastructure, the EULYNX Initiative presented its goals and results to the invited representatives from the Ministry of Infrastructure-Slovenian infrastructure agency and SŽ-Infrastructure.
The Slovenian Infrastructure Agency is responsible for the construction, upgrade, reconstruction and maintenance of public railway infrastructure. SŽ-Infrastructure is the infrastructure manager in Slovenia, responsible for the management and maintenance of rail infrastructure and for the operation of rail traffic. SŽ-Infrastructure is an active partner in the EULYNX Initiative, contributing to the standardisation of interfaces and elements of the signalling system.
Discussions were held on the application of EULYNX standards in future railway projects. The planned reference implementation projects across Europe were presented.
The Slovenian Infrastructure Agency is preparing the plans to start integrating EULYNX compliant signalling equipment after 2020.
The presentation that was basis for the discussion can be found here:   pdf Slovenian Infrastructure Agency (4.46 MB)