Bane NOR announces about awarding three ERTMS contracts, covering ERTMS Trackside, ERTMS Onboard and TMS (Traffic Management System). This is the first very large scale project using the EULYNX specifications; it covers the complete network. Here is the link to Bane NORs home page which shows you the announcement.

End update

On Friday 30th of June 2017, Bane NOR's ERTMS National Implementation programme issued a second round of Request For Quotation (RFQ) for renewal of signalling system throughout the railway network, to prequalified suppliers. The goal is to introduce ERTMS Level 2 on the complete Norwegian railway network within 2032. Three contracts will be awarded comprising a new nationwide railway Traffic Management System, retrofitting 600 railway vehicles with ERTMS and a new ERTMS Level 2 signalling system for the complete railway network. The program has a value of approximately 2.2 billion Euros and the funding was approved by the government in June 2015. Contracts will be awarded late 2017 or in the beginning of 2018.

Standardisation of Signalling System interfaces

Bane NOR believes that standardisation is a key success factor for a future proof, cost efficient signalling system architecture that supports the need for a more resource efficient railway that better can compete with other means of transport. ERTMS Level 2 and standardisation of Interfaces are two key elements that support this goal.

Bane NOR has therefore included the EULYNX interface requirements in both the Signalling System and the Traffic Management System RFQs, comprising the following:

• Implementation of each of the interfaces

• A co-operation process between Contractor, Bane NOR and EULYNX

• A process for handling changes to the EULYNX specifications, if required

• A time schedule for the implementation of the interfaces

Due to the fact that not all pre-qualified suppliers have been part of the predecessor of EULYNX, the NeuPro initiative, it was important to ensure the same tender documentation for all suppliers. Furthermore, to ensure the progress of the project, suppliers are allowed to start with proprietary interface for the first installations and then migrate to the EULYNX interfaces. A time schedule for the migration will be agreed upon between Bane NOR and the chosen supplier. Penalties are introduced to support the achievement of introducing EULYNX interfaces.

Bane NOR regards the achievement of delivering Baseline 1 of the EULYNX requirements in 2017 as the key success factor for being able to require standardised interfaces, and enable suppliers to provide more accurate offers. To ensure a continued progress of the EULYNX cooperation, Bane NOR emphasises the need for a full release of all phase five documents as soon as possible.