As part of an update of Baseline set 2, published on 27 April 2018, EULYNX has published updated versions of the following documents:
Eu.Doc.36    Requirements specification for subsystem Point v2.2 (1.A)
Eu.Doc.39    Requirements specification for SCI-LX v1.0 (0.A)
Eu.Doc.40    Interface specification SCI-LX v1.0 (0.A)
Eu.Doc.91    Interface specification SDI-LX v1.0 (0.A)
Eu.Doc.47    Requirements specification for SCI-RBC v2.1 (1.A)
Eu.Doc.48    Interface specification SCI-RBC v2.1 (1.A)
The documents can be found at the usual location, Published Documents, replacing the superceded documents. A complete set of the updated documents is also available for download, as a zip file.
If your organisation does not have yet registered access please fill out the registration form.