ProRail presents the Smartest Route video as an illustration how EULYNX can be applied today to facilitate future implementation of ERTMS - faster and more cost effective.

In EULYNX the European Infrastructure Managers define an internationally standardised signalling system, focusing on common interfaces. EULYNX uses model-based system engineering (MBSE). Infrastructure managers define the appropriate use case descriptions. Modeling experts convert the Use Cases into various SysML model types. The video explains the methods in which modelling and system engineering expertise is combined with signalling expertise. Furthermore the video shows that the analysis of the formal model can be derived from the SysML model. By using formal methods, inframanagers can get the `mathematical confidence’ that the EULYNX standard is fit for purpose with national subsystems. Here under the subtitled version:

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A first set of object controllers was installed at Annaberg-Buchholz; explained in the following YouTube

The digital signalling system in Annaberg-Buchholz operated by the Erzgebirgsbahn marks the beginning of the nation-wide implementation of a new generation of signalling systems. In this video, Klaus Müller (CTO DB Netz AG) and Lutz Mehlhorn (Head of Erzgebirgsbahn) introduce the biggest infrastructure project in the history of Deutsche Bahn. Through this, DB will achieve rail transportation that is more efficient both economically and environmentally, as well as fulfilling passengers’ demand for capacity and punctuality.

In order to enable future partial replacement of system elements European infrastructure managers feel the need for standardisation of the interfaces between these elements. With the EULYNX approach subsystems can be replaced without the need for a complete renewal of the interlocking.


In the EULYNX stand at Innotrans 2018 in Berlin, facilitated by Deutsche Bahn, ProRail showed the results of the Proof of Concept Open Interlocking Network, using the Baseline set 2 of EULYNX. Movares, Hima, Sweco, Pilz, VRS and Thales provided the working equipment. A videos summarises the process from the design and test of the Proof of Concept, and finally the demonstration of the results in Berlin.